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5 Qualities That Make Plastic Pallets a Favourable Option Over Their Wooden Counterparts

Wood is the oldest and most widely used pallet material for shipping applications. But for a growing number of shippers, plastic pallets are a superior choice. Although wood pallets are cheaper, easier to repair, and can carry more weight than their plastic counterparts, they don't always come out on top. 

Take a look at these five points explaining when to consider choosing plastic pallets over their wooden counterparts.

1. Increased Durability

Even though wooden pallets cost less to buy, their durability can't compare to that of their plastic equivalents. Shipping pallets made of plastic material don't break or splinter as easily as comparable wood pallets. Their greater strength and durability makes them a cost-effective option over the long-term.

When the initial purchase price of wooden pallets is combined with the maintenance and repair costs of the pallets over their life cycle, the total costs can actually turn out to be much higher than what you'd spend on buying and using plastic pallets.

2. Less Maintenance

Out of the two pallet options, plastic pallets are easier to maintain. They're easier to store and clean because they're not affected by moisture, water and temperature-sensitive environments. If you're keen on minimising the amount of time you spend cleaning and maintaining your shipping pallets, plastic pallets may be the best option for your business.

3. Less Weight

Another great advantage of plastic pallets over wooden pallets is their lightweight design. This quality lends itself to use in applications where shippers want to reduce transportation costs. The weight of pallets contribute to the overall weight of each loaded pallet and can significantly impact the overall shipping costs.

4. Ease of Use

Plastic pallets can be used immediately after they're delivered to you. They don't need to be fumigated with chemicals or heat treated to prevent bug infestations and bacterial growths.

5. Improved Health and Safety

Unlike wood, plastic material doesn't have a porous surface that may easily absorb moisture and water, which would encourage fungal and bug attacks. This makes plastic the best material for shipping hygiene-sensitive products like food and drugs.

In addition to this, plastic is smooth to the touch. This makes plastic pallets safer to handle — unlike wood pallets, which may splinter and hurt someone.

Although wooden pallets remain the most commonly used pallets in the shipping industry, plastic pallets can also bring incredible benefits to users. If you're ready to purchase plastic pallets for your shipping business, feel free to contact a supplier like 1/2 Price Pallets that deals in them.