Interested In Stainless Steel? Here Is The Journey It Takes Before Reaching The Consumer

One of the most used alloys in the world is stainless steel, with use in industries as far ranging as culinary to rocket science. It is able to be used in these wide-ranging industries because of its unique properties that are forged in the manufacturing stage. The most famous of these properties is its almost complete resistance to corrosion, specifically rust, but it is also very popular because of its strength and longevity. [Read More]

5 Qualities That Make Plastic Pallets a Favourable Option Over Their Wooden Counterparts

Wood is the oldest and most widely used pallet material for shipping applications. But for a growing number of shippers, plastic pallets are a superior choice. Although wood pallets are cheaper, easier to repair, and can carry more weight than their plastic counterparts, they don't always come out on top.  Take a look at these five points explaining when to consider choosing plastic pallets over their wooden counterparts. 1. Increased Durability [Read More]

Which powder coating is best for your product?

When it comes to providing a finishing surface for your new product, there are a lot of coating options you might consider. You might opt for simply polishing the bare metal, or you might think that painting the surface is the best way to proceed. Either of these could be a valid option depending on what you are producing and the operational requirements for the product, but one type of coating that continues to grow in popularity is powder coating. [Read More]

Why PVC Doors Are Ideal for Bathrooms

Are you shopping for a new door for your bathroom? Read on and discover some of the reasons why a PVC door would be a good choice for that application. Impermeability It is hard to keep your bathroom free from moisture even if you constantly run a ceiling fan and open all the windows. The next person to take a shower or bath will replace all the moisture which had been removed by the ventilation measures in place. [Read More]