How Do You Identify the Best Types of Scrap Metals?

Which powder coating is best for your product?

When it comes to providing a finishing surface for your new product, there are a lot of coating options you might consider. You might opt for simply polishing the bare metal, or you might think that painting the surface is the best way to proceed. Either of these could be a valid option depending on what you are producing and the operational requirements for the product, but one type of coating that continues to grow in popularity is powder coating. With powder coating the paint is directly bonded to the metal rather than being applied to the surface as a separate stage. The resulting finish is durable and far smoother and more protective than could be achieved by more traditional methods of painting.

Here are three frequently used types of powder coating, if you are unsure which of these would be most appropriate for your product, then discussing the problem with your coating supplier would be the best idea.

Fluoropolymer powder coating For industrial applications where it is essential that the gloss and colour is maintained Fluorpolymer finishes are ideal. They are difficult to remove with an abrasive movement and greatly reduce maintenance times. Polyester is a similar finish but is more usually used for door and window frames as it incorporates a thermosetting ability into the finish.

Zinc-based powder coating A zinc-based epoxy thermosetting powder will help to protect your product from damage caused by moisture or corrosion so it's commonly used outdoors. It is also possible to use this type of powder coating as a base coat to which an additional finish can be applied.

Heat resistant powder coating Heat can be a serious issue in many industrial and commercial settings, and for some coatings heat can cause major contamination issues. It's not uncommon for sections of a coating to become damaged and for flakes to enter the production chain. By employing a heat-resistant powder coating, you can keep your finish looking great without the risk of contamination.

Which powder coating should you choose? If you have made the decision that powder coating is right for your product, then you will need to spend some time thinking about which type of powder coating finish you would like to use for your product. There are a range of options and each will offer a slightly different finish and properties. By choosing the most appropriate powder coating for your products you can get a great looking finish that will last for many years and reduce future maintenance and repair costs for your customers.