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Why PVC Doors Are Ideal for Bathrooms

Are you shopping for a new door for your bathroom? Read on and discover some of the reasons why a PVC door would be a good choice for that application.


It is hard to keep your bathroom free from moisture even if you constantly run a ceiling fan and open all the windows. The next person to take a shower or bath will replace all the moisture which had been removed by the ventilation measures in place. Consequently, the door of that room needs to be made from materials which can resist being damaged by moisture. PVC doors are just the type of doors for that task. The material is impermeable and cannot be damaged as a result of being exposed to moisture.


PVC doors are affordable since they are made from inexpensive man-made materials. The fact that the bathroom isn't faced by burglary risks means that you don't have to select the premium grade of PVC doors which are intended to provide additional security if you want to use them as a front door. The ordinary PVC doors can suffice for your bathroom since they don't have to be exceptionally strong.

Protection from Sunlight

Some PVC doors fade or warp if they are exposed to direct sunlight for long. This can affect the expected service life of the door. People who want to install these doors on the bathroom don't have to worry about UV radiation damage since the door will be installed away from direct sunlight. Such a door is therefore likely to last much longer than expected since it is shielded from the biggest threat which affects the longevity of PVC doors.

Easy Customisation

The bathroom is one of the parts of homes that are remodeled frequently. It is therefore important that every feature which is selected for the bathroom can accommodate those frequent changes. PVC doors meet that requirement. They can be repainted as often as the homeowner wants in order to make the door fit into whatever style is desired for the bathroom at that moment. This is unlike other doors, such as timber doors, which can lose their character in case certain colours that aren't associated with wood (purple, for example) are used to paint them.

Make sure that the PVC door you buy is installed by a professional. This will save you from making a mistake which can result in irreparable damage to your new door.