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Upgrading Your Agriculture Technology for Easier Farmer and Higher Profits

As with any other industry, successful farming today usually means upgrading your equipment and adding in technology, so as to make the work easier and faster, and allow you to better manage your crops. In turn, you may very well increase your overall profits. The right equipment and technology can help you do that, but if you're a farmer who hasn't shopped for upgraded farming equipment or agricultural technology in some time, you might not know where to start. Note a few tips for farming and agricultural technology you might select so your job gets easier and you enjoy higher profits overall.

Mobile weather detector

The weather greatly affects your crops and how you manage them; you may need to adjust where and how you spread seed and nutrients depending on the wind direction and speed, and adjust your watering time and depth according to the temperature and sunlight. A mobile weather detector that you can use while on the farm can help you make adjustments to your seeding, harvesting, and other farm chores as needed and while you're working the fields. This type of detector connects to a Wi-Fi signal can be taken with you when you're on the tractor or any other farm equipment, and gives you accurate readings for every weather detail that may affect every aspect of your farming.

Rate controller

A rate controller interfaces with your planter or seeder and adjusts the rate of spreading according to the hardness or moisture levels in the soil, and other such factors. A rate controller will have a monitor you keep with you in the cab of a tractor so you can also manually control the flow rate of seeds, grain, or feed, or the controller may run automatically, adjusting the hopper or spreader and flow of spreading as needed.

Moisture controller

A moisture controller, sometimes called a field connect, monitors moisture levels in the soil and in the air, and then the controller relays this data back to a monitoring station. You can then adjust your sprinkler or irrigation system based on readings from the moisture controller. The moisture controller may also interface with your sprinkler or irrigation system so it shuts it on and off automatically as needed; these controllers are also mobile and can be programmed to move automatically over your entire farm. This helps you avoid overwatering or underwatering, thereby protecting your crops and also cutting down on the expense of wasted water.