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How to Choose the Best Pool Fencing for Your Home

Pool fencing is often legally required for homes with pools; even if it's not, it's good to have a solid fence so you keep out children, pets, wildlife, and of course unwelcome visitors around the pool area. Some fences can also work to keep out grass clippings and other debris, so your pool is cleaner and your filter doesn't suffer so much wear and tear. Note a few tips for choosing the best type of pool fencing for your home.


Glass fencing is very durable against the water and chemicals in a pool; it's also good when you have dogs who might try to dig under another type of fence and cause damage to wood or chain links. It keeps out grass clippings and debris, as mentioned above. However, glass needs to be cleaned often and cleaned on both sides so there are no streaks or smears. It also easily shows every handprint and smudge, detracting from its overall look.

Chain link

One drawback to chain link is that it's easy to climb; if you're worried about children or unwelcome guests climbing your fence, use wood slats between the links to close them off so there is no toehold for climbing. There is also little privacy with a chain link fence, unless you add those slats, landscaping, and the like. The upside of chain link fencing is that it's affordable and easy to install on your own.


Vinyl fences are common in commercial pool areas since they don't get damaged by chlorine and chemicals, but they typically don't come in any color but white and you can't just paint them when you want a change. Smaller vinyl fences are easy to scale whereas large vinyl fences block your view of the pool; this can be good for privacy but not for when you want to see your children or pool guests.

Mixing materials

If you're not sure of what type of pool fence to get, note if you need different materials in different areas of the yard. For example, you might opt for a solid wood fence between you and the neighbors for privacy, but a glass fence facing the house so you have a good view of the pool. A tall chain link fence with a dark mesh can be good on the side of the pool that gets the most sunlight so you're not overly hot when swimming, but then have a lower chain link on the side facing the street so your property doesn't seem closed-in and claustrophobic.