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Mailing Tubes For Commercial Branding: Making The Right Choice

Mailing tubes can be used as an effective tool for commercial branding. This often prompts commercial entities to invest in the mentioned packaging and shipping material.

While many business owners may understand the potential that mailing tubes present with respect to commercial branding, not many understand what they should consider when choosing between different types of mailing tubes.

This article provides a few insights.

Plastic Over Cardboard Mailing Tubes

Cardboard mailing tubes will often be preferred over their plastic counterparts because they're often more affordable. For a business owner, this translates to a lower initial cost for this packaging material.

However, it's important to point out that cardboard mailing tubes are more vulnerable to moisture damage than their plastic counterparts. For this reason, the structural integrity of cardboard mailing tubes can easily be compromised by exposure to moisture during shipment, which compromises the safety of products contained in the mailing tube. In the event that cardboard mailing tubes have to be used instead of plastic, it's advisable to invest in waterproof tubes. Such tubes have a wax liner installed around the cardboard which prevents possible contact between the cardboard surface of the tube and moisture from the atmosphere.

Vinyl End Caps Over Metal Caps

End caps are used on open-end mailing tubes. In a large number of cases, business owners will be faced with a decision between vinyl caps and metal-based end caps on their mailing tubes.

While both vinyl and metal end caps can provide an air-tight seal on mailing tubes, vinyl end caps will not be affected by high moisture content in the atmosphere. In contrast, metal end caps are likely to show signs of rust if the mailing tubes are exposed to excess moisture over extended periods of time.

In addition to being an eyesore, rusty metal end-caps can easily allow moisture to reach the contents of the mailing tube.

Triangular Over Rounded Mailing Tubes

Round mailing tubes are often considered the norm. However, there's nothing wrong with going against the norm if it serves to benefit the business entity in the long run.

One significant advantage of triangular mailing tubes over their round counterparts is that triangular tubes allow for easier stacking and they're more likely to stay held in place during transportation. Round mailing tubes will almost always roll over during transportation. This can easily cause structural damage to a round mailing tube (and to its contents) during the transportation exercise.