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Why Choose Mobile Cranes for Your Construction Business?

Whether you want to buy, rent or lease cranes for your new construction company, you will ultimately have to choose between stationary cranes and mobile cranes. Mobile cranes offer one big advantage over stationary cranes like self-erecting tower cranes: their mobility. But that is not the only advantage that mobile cranes have to offer.

Read through the following points to familiarise yourself with what other benefits mobile cranes can provide for your construction business.

Quick set up time

A lot of work goes into building up a stationary crane. A self-erecting tower crane, for instance, consists of several large parts like mast sections, hoists, work jibs, and the turntable as well as small parts such as bolts, pins, and nuts that must be assembled before the crane can be operated. Even with a team of highly competent tower crane erectors, it can take up a considerable amount of time to assemble all components and systems of a tower crane and make the crane fully operational.

With a mobile crane, you can embark on your work much quicker because the equipment arrives at the construction site in an almost ready-to-work condition. Only a quick routine inspection and attachment of crane accessories may be needed to ensure the equipment is in good shape before it can start doing all the heavy lifting work. The quick set-up time associated with mobile cranes will help finish your project much faster.


Unlike tower cranes, which are operated from a stationary point, mobile cranes come with steerable axles that make it possible for crane operators to turn wheels and change gear even in tight spaces where using tower cranes might not be practicable.

What is more, mobile cranes are compact machines that will take up a small fraction of the space typically needed to erect tower cranes. Because of this, there will be more work space for mobile cranes to move around.

Lifting power

Tower cranes are revered for their ability to lift heavy loads at the construction site. Opting for mobile cranes does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on your project's lifting requirements. With modern advancements in technology, manufacturers of mobile cranes are now able to supply equipment more powerful hydro-pneumatic lift systems and telescopic extension systems that can help lift up to several thousand tonnes of loads.

Aside from the fact that mobile cranes can be set up quickly and they are highly manoeuvrable, these cranes are also robust. Therefore, investment in mobile cranes is a decision that will definitely pay well in both the short and long term.