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What Makes Diamond Core Drilling the Most Appropriate Technique for Concrete Cutting?

Diamond core drilling is a drilling technique has been used over the years in numerous industrial applications including, mineral exploration, bore drilling, concrete cutting, geological studies, and so on. Many concrete contractors these days favour the use of diamond core drilling to cut concrete, and there is an abundance of good reasons behind that.

The following points will indicate to you why diamond core drilling is best for your concrete cutting endeavours.

Precise cut                                                           

If you want to achieve a clean cut when cutting concrete material, you need to opt for diamond core drilling. Once the drilling bit has been fitted with diamonds, you can be sure of cutting smooth, clean cylindrical shapes out of the material. Concrete cutting accuracy is particularly important when it comes to testing the strength of concrete.

Given that core size varies according to depth and diameter, it is possible to attain a varied array of concrete samples from the walls or floors for analysis. This advantage may not be practicable with other core drilling methods.

Work safety

As a concrete cutter, the safety of employees working at the site should be at the top of your mind. Advanced models of diamond core drilling equipment are not only designed to work faster and reliably but safely as well. Modern automated models are designed to allow operators to run the equipment from a safe distance so that they don't get too close to any flying debris coming from the actual place of drilling.

The diamond core rig can also come with a one-of-a-kind rod handling mechanism, which offers total hands-free operation. This means that removal and addition of drill rods and many other core rig components is done automatically. This may considerably reduce any safety risks associated with equipment handling.

More aggressive

Where many metal drill bits will bend, dent or suffer any other form of damage because of being used to drill through ultra-hard concrete material, diamond drills can perform the job well and still remain in good shape. This superior performance is attributed to the fact that diamond has a strong chemical bond that no metal element can match. Hence, concrete cutters can be sure of uninterrupted drilling when using diamond core bits to cut through concrete material.

Since chances of core bit failure will be reduced when using diamond core bits, more uptime can be achieved than when using metal alternatives such as steel and aluminium core bits.