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Critical Considerations for Choosing a Laser Cutting Company

There are numerous commodities that you can manufacture as a hobbyist fabricator. For instance, you can create small décor items from different raw materials, special cut jewellery pieces and even simple personalised gifts like key holders. If you are thinking about taking up this type of craft, you should consider investing is a laser cutting machine. This type of cutting equipment uses amplified light which creates clean cuts.

Consequently, this process reduces the need for additional finishing on the edges. The machinery also utilises less power compared to plasma cutters and less manual effort than mechanical cutters. In addition, this cutter is precise, so you will reduce the materials wasted by distortions when working on a project. If you decide to invest in laser cutting equipment, consider these factors before purchase.


You should consider the type of materials that you will need to handle using the laser cutter before choosing the right equipment. The most useful type of machine for a general hobbyist fabricator is the desktop laser cutter. This is a compact machine that can cut most common types of manufacturing materials such as acrylic, glass, plastic and sheet metal. Still, it is important to request for a complete list of the materials that can be cut by each model. If you are planning to fabricate wood products, you should get a special wood laser cutter. This material cannot be cut like the others because it does not melt; it can only be cut by vaporisation.

Power Rating

The power consumption will determine the cutting force of the machinery, so it is an important factor in the selection of a laser cutter. Naturally, the higher the power rating indicated on the machine, the more the cutting force generated by the machinery. In simple terms, when more power is drawn into the cutter, the laser beam will be hotter and capable of cutting thicker or harder materials. For example, 0.5mm of aluminium requires a thousand watts during cutting while 6.4mm will demand ten thousand watts. However, you should not purchase the highest power rating because it will result in increased electrical bills.

Special Features

You should choose a laser machine that can provide reliable engraving in addition to cutting. The equipment should allow you to input the desired design for easy translation into the custom hobby commodity. Additionally, consider purchasing a machine that has features that will make the system a complete work station. For example, an ideal cutter should have incorporated cooling tanks, vacuum trays and even dust collection trays.