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Tips for Choosing the Best Pallet Wrapping Machine

A pallet wrapping machine can be a must-have for any warehouse or production facility, as they make quick work of wrapping bulky loads or pallets stacked with several pieces that need some type of containment. A pallet wrapping machine can allow you to get products onto a loading dock quickly, even without human interface. Note a few tips for choosing a pallet wrapping machine when you're ready to shop.

1. Space allotment

How much space do you have in your warehouse or production facility? If the ceiling height is an issue or you don't have much more room than a far corner of the warehouse, you want to choose a turntable style wrapper versus a straddle wrapper. The straddle wrapper has an arm that goes up and over the product being wrapped, whereas the turntable stays in one spot while the product itself gets turned on a type of rotating platform. The turntable style doesn't lift the product and the arm of the wrapper stays in one spot, so it takes up less room.

2. Bulky items

While a turntable wrapper may take up less space, it may not be the right choice for bulky items, including stacks of small boxes. You may need these types of loads to be wrapped at the top and not just around the sides. Note if the items you'll be wrapping need this extra protection of being wrapped from top to bottom; this might include bags of materials that may slide out of their wrapping during shipment, or several small boxes that may not stay together when just wrapped from the side, and the like. Bulky items that are not evenly loaded can also tilt the turntable while it's spinning, and this can increase the risk of the load actually spilling off the pallet; a straddle wrapper doesn't move the pallet itself, so it can be the best choice for these types of items.

3. Speed of wrapping

In a high-volume production facility, you need the fastest wrapper that is safe for your product. This can mean a turntable wrapper, as the turntable often turns faster than the arm of the straddle wrapper. However, note that you don't want to invest in a quicker wrapper that you don't need, as spinning a pallet of items too quickly can cause it to become unevenly distributed or even damage the items being loaded. Invest in the speed you need for your facility but don't always assume that faster is going to be better for everything needing to be wrapped.

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